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Runaway Hero

Runaway Hero

by Swelab Games


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  • Runaway Hero
  • Runaway Hero

Imagine Super Dangerous Dungeons meets Tony Robbins. A wiseman shares the best advice from popular authors such as Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins at checkpoints during the Runaway Hero game!

Are you ready to immerse yourself into the ultimate dungeon runner where you have to listen to the war tune and eliminate your enemies as you try to emerge victorious? Runaway Hero Continuity Dangerous Running is the ultimate game in this regard and it offers you the ability to focus your abilities and earn new ones as you vanquish enemies like a superhero.

Meet the Wiseman and get advice about your life!

Go through a wide range of enemies in Runaway Hero, attend to various watch out situations and shred through the numerous enemies as you go along. We are here to offer you the ultimate, action packed and most refined experience that you do not want to miss.

With Runaway Hero you get to become the ultimate superhero and eliminate the enemies all while trying to get the best score. With plenty of levels, interesting challenges and lots of fun, the game is here to offer you a lot of replay value and extraordinary results at all times.
Don’t hesitate and emerge victorious into the race of your life. Have fun as you immerse yourself into a world filled with dangers and great rewards. Try out the ultimate runner and engage into dungeon battles, hear the war tune and go to war right now. Show that you are the perfect superhero!

Play Runaway Hero - Dangerous Running for free and have fun.

• Explore a world of dungeons, treasures and devious monsters. 
• Gain experience and level up your character.

• Action packed runner game
• Shred your enemies as you go along
• Emerge victorious and deal with challenges
• Plenty of unique game play moments
• Great graphics
• Immersive soundtrack!

We really hope you enjoy our little game. If you do please consider giving us a good review, tell your friends and maybe try some of our other games.

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