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Run like troll 3 : City Hunter

Run like troll 3 : City Hunter

by ikame


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  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
  • Run like troll 3 : City Hunter
Run like troll 3: city hunter, a master piece from the developer who made run like troll 1 and run like troll 2. Runner game is now the top trending of the world. From the blockbuster like temple run and subway surfer. To minion and many other runner game.But seeing a troll face running to save the world, that might be diferent. The plot in run like troll 3: city hunter happen in the city of mr trollface. Trollface is a very popular meme who is created on 9gag. Trollface or troller is a meme to make fun of people. Back to the run like troll 3: city hunter. The city where mr trollface is living in is now being ìnfected by a virus. This virus is called "troll zombie" that turn almost everybody in the city to become zombie with a troll face.In the middle of crisis, mr trollface have to save himself from being a troll zombie and become city hunter to rescue other people. And now, he runs. To protect himself, he was armed with many weapon : shot gun, bazooka, ice gun. Auto machine gun, metal sword. He has to kill any troll zombie on the way and to be city hunter and troll zombie killer. Like other runner game, your mision is simple run gun jump. But now is run n gun. You run, jump and gun to shoot to kill troll zombie. First, you will be armed with an revolver, a kind of pistol fire arm. Powerful but quite slow. You will run as far as you can. Shoot, kill any troll zombie on the way. Now you have to be a real city hunter, a zombie kill, terminator. Shoot, kill them as many as possible to gain coin and score. Collect coin on the way too. When you have enough coin, you can buy many more weapon to kill those troll zombie enemy. In store, you can buy fire arm for your troller gunman. Shot gun, machine gun, frost gun. Melee weapon like sword, hammer, bat. All you need to kill all your troll zombie enemy. Collect coin to respawn, too. When you get enough coin, you can respawn from death. But you can only respawn 3 times so run carefully to get high score. We have some achievements for you. So try to get it. Be the metal hero in the world of run like troll 3: city hunter. The enemy from run like troll 3: city hunter is very diversity. From basic troll zombie that will bite to attack you to troll plant man eater. But those troll zombie is very fast and they are amred with weapon so they are dangerous enemy. Some troll zombie are armed with boxing glove, sword or even metal shield. That make them dangerous so you need to use all your skill to kill, shoot them. Be the best city hunter and killer of the street. And when you get enough score, you will face a big bad zombie troll boss. You have to use your skill to kill and shoot that boss as much as possible to destroy it. They can be metal boss so may be very hard to kill. Let show the world you are a savior, terminator of those zombie. The best city hunter and killer of street. Run n gun is your style. Use them to save your city Run like troll 3: city hunter features - Beautiful and funny design. From killer city hunter mr trollface to those enemy troll zombie - Attack run n gun style platform, clasic but very funny and worth playing - Many platform to perform you attack run n gun skill - Plenty of weapon choice: from machine gun, pistol. To revolver, shot gun. Frost gun. Melle weapon from sword to bat and hammer. Some explosive like grenade, bomb. All you need is to collect coin and buy them - Variety of zombie enemy: From zombie troll to man eater. Metal zombie and big boss. - Obstacles on the way are many: tires, barrel and crate. - Funny sound effect and cool background music One of the best runner game platformer. Run n gun style is still very hot. Play mr trollface, be the best street killer and city hunter. Kill all those zombie troll enemy to save your hometown. Thank you for playing Run like troll 3: city hunter

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