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Round Corners

Round Corners

by Indie Developer


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  • Round Corners

Pimp your screen with round screen corners, the primary purpose of the Round corners app is to round the corners of your display regardless of the device you’re using.

Its rounded UI like LG G6 round corners, you’ll be able to modify the degree to which the app will round the corners of your screen.

Round up the squared corners with 40 superimpose curvy designs for your screens 4 corners.(allows specifying which corners to enable or disable)

Round Corners doesn’t require root and works on all devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and newer iterations of Google’s operating system

Furthermore, the Round Corners even allows you to set specific looks for individual apps so you can opt to minimize or even turn off its effect entirely when launching certain apps, and highlight it when using others.

Naturally, it’s fair to say that Round Corners produces the best effect with round edges of screen for all apps on devices.

The Round Corners is lightweight app and shouldn’t leave a significant battery footprint. In fact, you may even save some battery life if you use Round Corners on a device with an AMOLED display panel that doesn’t light up black pixels, though any potential savings probably won’t be large enough for you to notice a difference in everyday use.

• No internet access require.
• System overlay - used for draw over apps
• Accessibility Service - used for app specific settings for 4 corners.

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