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Rock Climb

Rock Climb

by muai


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Rock Climb,Join millions all over the world martial arts, adventure and intelligence theme game! Why you will love this game? Angry Hero Epic is a completely free game app. It will bring the most surprise and biggest joy to you. Click to play now! Let me solemnly introduce him to you. He wants to start a new journey, which he needs to constantly dart projectile and hit the moving wall. He will grow up, and gain strength and joy in the journey, just because he will never give up. Compete with your friends: Crush yours friends' score. Courage and superb skills will help him get red hearts, and red hearts can be used to purchase the appropriate conditions of reborn. The more red hearts he harvest, the more surprise he will bring to you. We believe he will cherish the three opportunities of casting darts at each stage of the process, because throwing dart is the key to whether he can out of trouble or not. What is special? - More than one hero, every hero has a unique role; - Red props; three rope props; - be careful of stones and bombs. - Multiple combinations, multiple speeds, different stages, different views(the woods, night, sky and snow +++!) - Voice of the wind, the sing of birds, melodious! - Know the ranking of your friends in the game. - And so on. Please NOTE: Angry Hero Epic is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money if you need it. Any question please contact us with addlonglong@gmail.com, we are listen to you! Have a nice game journey!

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