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Robot Battle 2: Space War

Robot Battle 2: Space War

by CraDiff Studio


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Robot Battle 2: Space War
Robot Battle 2: Space War
Robot Battle 2: Space War
Robot Battle 2: Space War
Robot Battle 2: Space War

Robot Battle 2: Space War with more than 100 robot transformation design, more than 1000 stage adventure, tons of weapon, skill, super power, battle mode, adventure mode and arena will be an important robot game in your phone/tablet.

In Robot Battle 2, you can fight, shoot and making match versus with other players in robot transform world. You choose a robot hero and then upgrade power, weapon to fight. Other than that, you can evolve, transform your hero to increase hero level power.

Robot Battle 2: Space War support a tons of bosses and support offline stage adventure and online adventure. If you can win all of offline adventure, the game will lead you load the online adventure what update daily so you can make sure you have unlimited battle robot game.

The Battle PvP mode will get you play with other players as robot versus game. In this mode you can fight to survival longer to win. Only the strongest robot can survive longest.

The arena mode make you fight with many players in the same time. The winner of arena will get a special reward as coins or gems to upgrade weapon and transform robot.

The hornor area will make you earn more coins and gems if you reach a predefined achievements.

If you look at the upgrade system, you will see a lot of items, weapon and power you can upgrade. The game was designed so the power of hero will be unlimited belong to how you design your robot power and super weapon.

It 's time to fight now!


- Easy gameplay and friendly design
- Nice robot graphics
- 1000+ stage adventure and more online stage update daily
- 100+ robot transform design
- Tons of upgrade combination
- Tons of super weapon
- Tons of Boss and weapon
- Tons of Super skills
- Battle mode to play with friends and other players
- Arena mode to play with many players
- Leaderboard and Achievements global and friends