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Red Ball Jumping Bounce

Red Ball Jumping Bounce

by rami ucef


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Red Ball Jumping Bounce
Red Ball Jumping Bounce
Red Ball Jumping Bounce
Red Ball Jumping Bounce

Red Ball Jumping Bounce is an arcade one touch game, just like classic bounce game that will keep you entertained with endless fun running levels.

Help to jump the red ball while avoiding the spikes. Jump over the spikes and pass many different obstacles that are in your way.
Jump, bounce, hop, roll and dash your way over and around endless amounts of enemy spikes and other dangerous obstacles.
With simple one touch control, tapping the screen to dodge spikes and falling blocks, bounce your red ball over spikes and jump the blocks to continue the endless levels.

- All-New Amazing Red Ball Adventures
- Super Classic Platformer
- Most amazing jumping and bouncing red ball game ever!
- Tricky Traps and spikes
- Jump, bounce and Run
- exciting Plateforms and Physics Elements
- Dodge the spikes and don't let the spikes hit you
- Unique and Challenging Levels
- endless updates and levels
- Challenge your friends on Game center.

Have fun !