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Real Hero FireFighter 3d Game

Real Hero FireFighter 3d Game

by secure3d studios


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  • Real Hero FireFighter 3d Game
  • Real Hero FireFighter 3d Game
  • Real Hero FireFighter 3d Game

Ever dream of being a fireman? Here is your chance to be the HERO! Rush to save lives!
Fire department receives an emergency call for rescue missions. Your duty is to reach on time, evacuate the people with safety first before extinguish the burn.
Play as the firefighter emergency driver, people priceless lives depends on your driving skills. Act fast and drive rash towards any fire emergency happen in the city. 
Drive fast and take your emergency team at the accident site before the civilians get some real damage.
This is surely a game aim on players who wanted to be a real firesavior in the future.
Alarm bells ring, you spring into action, jump in your fire truck, then race to the rescue saving a life!
You have to reach the heat and get control on it as soon as possible.
If you want to become a engineman you need to learn the ropes of driving and parking a fire truck in this fun and new exciting burn-truck 3D parking game.

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