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Real Camera

Real Camera

by hiTphoto


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Capture and share your photos with Real Camera. If you are either a Beginner or a Pro, Real Camera gives you the tools to get the best out of your iPhone camera and making Amazing photos the way YOU want them! We designed our user interface to be both intuitive and adjustable, giving your the best mobile photography experience. No more searching for controls. Access any camera setting with just 1 tap: - Exposure time - ISO sensitivity - White balance - precise Focus control - x8 digital Zoom - Exposure compensation for fast corrections - separate Focus and Exposure points on your screen We also have for you: - for the first time! Set limit of maximum auto Exposure - Self-Timer - Anti-shake - EXIF viewer The user interface was created after analyzing dozens of existing camera apps and DSLR interfaces to provide you the most intuitive and fast controls: - optimized for shooting with 1 hand - self fading-out controllers - 1 tap access to any camera setting - faster than most DSLR workflow! Tap on screen to set exposure + focus and adjust manually if needed. - no more cluttered screen with dozen of constant controllers It's so intuitive and non obstructive, you wont even notice it's there, allowing you to get creative with your photo and not focusing on the app controls. SHARING - share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+. - share your photo with the next tap after you took it! - build in tool for 1 click switch between crop and full-frame mode before sharing it on Instagram

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