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RC Toy Cars Race

RC Toy Cars Race

by Tiny Lab Productions


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  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race
  • RC Toy Cars Race

Ready, steady, go! Choose the fastest RC mini toy car from 4 free RC models: Hot Rod, Green Tiger, Sushi or Gonut, turn on your mini car motor and race in an extreme RC cars racing track!

Click GO button and drive as fast as you can. Turn on your turbo power speed by clicking on the magic BOOST button. Ride along the racing track full of a real size objects, jump over the hills and cliffs and drive your radio control car into a several 360 degree loops!

Compete with other RC cars racers, reach the finish line in 1,2 or 3 position and win a special RC Toy Cars Race Cup! The faster you are, the more coins and cars you get! So boost your turbo power speed and be first to win all 12 game levels!

Start the engine and race with RC toy cars!

  • Choose from 4 free RC cars to drive and to play with: Hot Rod, Green Tiger, Sushi, Gonut.

  • Compete with other racers in the game. Use your turbo power speed and complete the race in 1, 2 or 3 position to win RC Toy Cars Race Cup!

  • Do extreme stunts and flips while driving in a real size world and complete several dangerous 360 degree loops!

  • Enjoy intuitive and easy game control: click GO button to move forward and BOOST button to turn on your turbo power speed!

  • Race and get more than 100 unique radio control cars to your collection.

  • Drive in 12 super cool racing tracks!

  • Have lots of fun in surprising gameplay!

  • Play and develop your skills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creativity and flexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memory skills, self-control and hand-eye coordination.

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