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Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop

Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop

by Kids Fun Plus


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  • Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop
  • Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop
  • Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop
  • Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop
  • Rainbow Cake Maker Bake shop
Are you tired of making traditional ice cream cakes, cupcakes chocolate cakes? Do you love rainbow colors and want to see them everywhere, especially in your food? Time for cake party! We bring you something new and out of the box cake recipe that will trigger your taste buds “Rainbow cake” a new addition to cake maker games. Cooking and baking had always been fun, especially for kids who love spending their leisure time in kitchen and crazy about baking. Open your own bake shop today & learn to make delicious and mouthwatering spongy rainbow cake with with customized rainbow colors for each cake layer. If you really love rainbow colors then make this amazing & delicious cake with all colors of rainbow and present it on any special occasion like wedding, birthday party, Christmas, Easter or anywhere else you love. First of all prepare the cake dough like the traditional cakes, make & bake the cake dough and add separate rainbow color sugar syrup to every layer. Customize every cake layer with rainbow colors of your choice once done decorate your cake with cream, chocolate or any other topping and present it to your loved ones. All cake maker kids are going to love this game. Download this delicious cake bakery and cake maker cooking and baking game for free and enjoy your leisure time.

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