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Rain Live Wallpapers

Rain Live Wallpapers

by Eonetek


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  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers
  • Rain Live Wallpapers

Saunter in the rain and feel how droplets cling to your face. It is a warm summer shower and water drops are wetting your clothes. Stepping from one to another puddle you realize that there is no way to escape them. The best is the smell of downpour mixed with soft emerald grass. The top Rain Live Wallpapers will evoke this feeling in you with only one touch on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. It is the mid of summer and a rainfall comes down in crazy chaotic drops, the gusting wind carries them from right to left and your vision is a little bit blurred from all that water. But, nevertheless, you adore walking through the park in this weather since it calms you down. You are able to reflect upon your life decisions and to find your inner peace. Gaze at the gorgeous sun rays going through the droplets on the leaves. The whole specter of colors is there. Feel free to set this lovely photo as your cool background and make your device fabulous. By downloading for free the latest Rain Live Wallpapers app you will be able to enjoy nature and marvel at the gorgeous images at the same time.

Grab your new umbrella and go out. Go over to your sweetheart’s place and invite her for a romantic stroll in the rain. This would be a perfect moment for you to confess your love. Open your soul to her and express your feelings. She will be swept off her feet. With the popular Rain Live Wallpapers you can have the best device ever. This cool application will give you the chance to set some extraordinary moving effects. Choose between raindrops, clovers or many others and have tons of fun. You will not be able to recognize your screen, and all your friends will be dazzled. Feel how the heavy torrential rain comes down and watch the drops making bubbles on the ground. This will help you relax and forget all your problems.

How this application works:

  • Download and install the coolest wallpapers
  • Enable a slide show option and flip through various themes
  • Choose from the collection of fascinating backgrounds
  • Tap once to preview the images and hold to set your favorite
  • Decide among awesome yellow stars, clovers and a lot of other moving objects

Just when you went out for a stroll on the beach the clouds started to form in the sky. Feeling the soft sand under your feet you drifted to some other place. All of a sudden there is an amazing scenery in front of your eyes. Black clouds have come so close to the sea that you can barely differentiate the horizon. There is a storm approaching and you should better get home. This landscape is at the same time wonderful and terrifying. With the popular Rain Live Wallpapers you will be able to admire this sublime beauty from the comfort of your home. It will be like watching rain drops coming down from a window. These latest backgrounds will wash away all your problems. Install them now and check out if this is true. All you have to do is to hit the download button and then tap once to preview the newest images and hold to set the one you liked the most. A piece of cake! There is no justified reason why you shouldn’t get these top backgrounds. Go to the market and download them this instant absolutely free of charge!

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