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Quiz trivia game

Quiz trivia game

by JohnyApps


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  • Quiz trivia game
  • Quiz trivia game
  • Quiz trivia game
  • Quiz trivia game
  • Quiz trivia game
  • Quiz trivia game
Best trivia quiz game based on the following: art and literature, history, geography and general knowledge. This trivia quiz game challenges your expertise about the world and your general knowledge. It is a free trivia quiz game. You have the ability to choose the length of the quiz, ragging from 20 to 40 descriptions per quiz. - Test your skills with topics from geography, art and literature, history of the world and general knowledge (in this category you have descriptions about famous people, math, chemistry, physics and many more). - Random it will simply select random descriptions from the database. - Every quiz has 40 descriptions that must be answered in 40 seconds. You can see if the last answer was correct or wrong, it is displayed in the bottom-right of the screen. - When you have finished the quiz you will get a final score that takes into account how fast did you answered, the best score and how many right answers did you get. Hope you enjoy this trivia quiz game and learn new things about our world as I have when I did my research. HIGHLIGHTS - ART AND LITERATURE - literature and art dating from antiquity o modern times; - GEOGRAPHY - mountains, countries, rivers, cities; - HISTORY - from the earliest times; - GENERAL KNOWLEDGE - science, math, chemistry, physics; QUIZZING contains ads. QUIZZING needs constant access to INTERNET. QUIZZING needs Google+ account.

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