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Quartz Color Flood

Quartz Color Flood

by Apptivity Games


Our Rating

  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood
  • Quartz Color Flood

Quartz Color Flood is an addictive and fun puzzle game with progressive levels, high quality graphics and very unique features.

Your objective is to fill the entire board with the same color.
-One of the best puzzle games in the color flood genre.
- Very user friendly and great for all ages.

All levels are carefully designed to keep your brain active and have fun all the time.

Perfect for casual gaming and challenging with friends&family.

Features of Quartz Color Flood:
* High quality graphics with a clean interface.
* Challenging but not impossible level design for puzzle genre.
* No random board generation. All levels are pre-made
* 2 different game modes with 2 chapters. (Movement limited and time limited)
* More than 130 levels.
* 7 different starting points.
* Leader board integration.
* Distinct color scheme.
* compatibility with tablets.
* User friendly.

You may either chill and think carefully before you make your moves or rush to the end of levels before the time runs out! 

We are pretty sure you will have fun while playing Quartz Color Flood and push harder to get more stars from each level.

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