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Quad Maze

Quad Maze

by Anqa Game


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  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze
  • Quad Maze

Are you looking for a real challenge? Then try to beat this hardcore puzzle platformer game!

Help the Quad to find his way to freedom, in getting through increasingly difficult mazes. In order to be succesfull, you'll need logic, patience, good timing and reaction skills!

A-mazing and addictive 2D puzzle-platformer game to enjoy for many, many hours. Beautifully designed 63 levels ranging from easy to nearly impossible. Compete against time, choose your strategy and rush your way through exciting levels!

• 63 unique and challenging levels to play
• Amazing physics and hardcore game style
• Easy to learn gameplay and simple controls
• Minimalist design for pure gaming experience
• Time based score system in centi-seconds
• All levels unlocked, no internet required
• No in-app purchases or advertising
• Keyboard and game controller support*

Move the quad through different challenges, avoid various obstacles and search for the best way to accomplish each level. Your goal is to find the finish point, but don't forget to make use of check points! Depending on the challenge, you will have to perform multiple jumps to defeat the gravity and your enemies. You are also able to climb certain walls, run on the ceiling or even fly!

• Version 4.0
- 9 more levels
• Version 4.1
- Score board
• Version 4.2
- Restart button and function
• Version 4.3
- New game buttons and UI
- New screen shots
- Many great improvements
• Version 4.4
- End level restart button
- Some minor bug fixes
• Version 4.5
- New game buttons and UI
- Game controller support

* Tested with Xbox One and PS4 controllers

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