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Pyk Pyk

Pyk Pyk

by Sebastian Haba


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  • Pyk Pyk
Enjoy this challenging unique game with great graphics both on Phones and Tablets! Pyk Pyk is simple to learn and satisfying to complete, It’s a fun way to spend some spare time. In this puzzle game you must put monster in as few moves as possible on the star before time runs out. In each level you have some stars and monsters. Monster moves only to the nearest obstacle (brick, ice, puddle or monster). Use obstacles to stop your monster. Sound simple? Go and try yourself :) And remember on each level you have some time, so you must chase with time to clear level. Play Pyk Pyk and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brain Awareness Week 2015! Pyk Pyk Key Features - Single touch original gameplay - 50 well-planned levels - Achievements - Great graphics designed to support both Phones and Tablets! Awards: Pyk Pyk was awarded as one of the Best Indie Game of 2014! Pyk Pyk has been designed to work on most modern Android devices. Join the action and solve a different puzzle on each level! Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and do drop a review!

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