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Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE

Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE

by Vinh Nguyen


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  • Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE
  • Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE
  • Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE
  • Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE
  • Puzzle of the Gods - for SMITE

This is a fast-paced puzzle game with all the gods from SMITE®! Complete the quest by solving all 80 gods from ancient history!

All gods are cut into small puzzle pieces and mixed up. It’s up to you to complete the jigsaw puzzle. The more you advance, the harder the puzzle gets! But the greater your god collection will become!

Levels have breathtaking wallpapers of all the famous gods from the SMITE game, like Zeus, Thor, Isis, Ra, Anubis and many more. We have put in 80 levels with multiple skill levels in this app. As a bonus for completing a level you can save all the game art on your phone or set them as wallpaper.

This SMITE themed app is fan made and complies with Hi-Rez St​udios®​​ guidelines: https://www.hirezstudios.com/legal . Puzzle of the God app isn’t endorsed by Hi-Rez Studios and doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of Hi-Rez Studios or anyone officially involved in producing or managing SMITE. SMITE and Hi-Rez Studios is a trademark or registered trademark of Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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