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Private Photo, Video Locker

Private Photo, Video Locker

by Amar Tiwari


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Private Photo, Video Locker
Private Photo, Video Locker
Private Photo, Video Locker
Private Photo, Video Locker
Private Photo, Video Locker
Private Photo, Video Locker

The best and most Private Photo and Video App for your phone to keep your personal Picture+Video Safe with pattern protected secured Photo Hider.

This Photo & Video Locker is the best and the safest way to create a secure Photo Vault and Video Vault. Photo Vault, Video Locker app creates a personal gallery where you can keep your most personal photos and videos and be sure that they are safe from everyone.

What makes different from other photo locker apps?

▶ Phone and Tablet Support.
▶ Easy to Use and Totally FREE app.
▶ This app has the best and the most user friendly clean and simple interface.
▶ Hide Photos and Hide videos:- Avoid downloading two different app and Hide(lock) pictures (Photos) and Hide(lock) videos within one single app.
▶ Pattern Protected:- This app is pattern protected which makes is even harder to crack.
▶ Change Pattern any time you want.
▶ Backgrounds for Pattern Lock/Unlock Screen:- Choose or create your choice of Background for the lock page for.
▶ This app is the perfect Photo Vault or Photo Locker for all your personal photos. Tap to Photo Hide button and hide photos or hide pictures.
▶ Support multiple formats of Images and Video
▶ Restore back to hidden photos and video to gallery any time you want.
▶ Download this perfect Video Vault or Video Locker for your device.

Download Photo Locker and Video Hider for FREE now to lock and hide all your private photos and videos easily and securely. Try it out yourself by downloading the app for free now!

▶ Support:- [email protected]
For any kind of help or confusion, simply write to us, and we would happily resolve your problems in a quick friendly manner. Kindly do not leave us any negative stars, we're here to help. Thanks : )