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Prisoner Transport Police Bus

Prisoner Transport Police Bus

by secure3d studios


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  • Prisoner Transport Police Bus
  • Prisoner Transport Police Bus
  • Prisoner Transport Police Bus

Become a police Driver man, hop into the police bus and transport truck driver criminals and prisoners from one police-station to other for hearing.
You have to be a great driver, do you think you can control a heavy police van in difficult roads, do you think you can drive a bus with criminals, robbers, thief, and take them safely at policestation. 
Pick and drop cops to maintain peaceful city environment.Give the criminals a thrilling ride. Leave no avenue of escape!
Get busy in your prison duty in this criminal transport and imprisonment guard bus simulator by driving to the crime scene, arresting the criminals and driving them back to the gaoler station.

This gaoler game is not just about police chase, but a combination of multiple tasks involved in the life of a real policeman ranging from SWAT police force officer to a prisoner transport and prison jailer bus mover busy in his captive transport duty.
In this amazing car captive Transport, you take the driving seat in an advanced guard prison transport van and transport the convicted criminals from the jailer station to the state penitentiary.

Transfer the jailbird to high security prison cell other wise escape the prison by prisiner, car Prisoner Transport gives you an exciting 3D game play.
Be quick driver of police bus reach on the desired spots. Drive the cops bus, follow the guard officer instructions and fulfill your duty as the jailbird transporter bus mover.

Key Features:

- police bus transport experience in a crime city environment
- Smooth controls
- Superb 3D graphics
- 20 Difficult Game play Missions

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