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Princess Star Girls

Princess Star Girls

by Princess Star


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Princess Star Girls is a games for girls, free not only for girls but also for you women. It is a free game where you will be your princess here. You'll have to dress your princess and prepare for the fashion show hall the magic salon. You have to look nice for your prince.

You can enjoy a large salon for beauty with a variety of accessories. From different and varied as your tastes eyes hair, earrings, crowns, shoes, pets and even a variety of dresses.

Put the dress that you like and when you're ready, start the big fashion show. But a surprise awaits you ... A big change is having in this type of games for girls. See if you can discover!

Now your princess will also have the opportunity to walk with their pets. The star you will not be just me, so are the pets of choice.

Find a dress for halloween and see if you can guess what it is.

That's what a princess to enhance her beauty and power to find her prince?

They say beauty is in the interior, but if you do not pass before the proper salon and opt-ins and your best earrings. Never to call the attention of your favorite prince.

Test your taste in these games for girls.




- Different types of princesses.

-Lots Of Dresses for the best day free.

- Different hair style to choose.

- Different pets to choose from.

- Makeup and Dress up her in the grown of your dreams.

- Experiment with dozens of different eyes, hair color and much more.

- Passes through the photo shoot in the living models on you salon

-Share Your ideas on Facebook and more people may sound like you.



Show your beauty to the world. You can demonstrate that you have the best princess?

Salon safe thanks to do the best design to find your ideal prince and sure to find a pets that you like.

All contents to be within the games for girls are free. You do not have to wait or pay to unlock accessories, earrings ... you want.

In honor of the future date approaching, we want to pay tribute and free updates soon awaits you.


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