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Pocket Items – Useful Tools

Pocket Items – Useful Tools

by Techsoul


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  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools
  • Pocket Items – Useful Tools

Pocket items is the collection of very useful different apps and these apps can be seriously help you to get rid of difficult situations.

First and only App which has 16 powerful items.

16 key Items are:

1) Fake Call :-
Get call on your own phone and get rid of the situation as you want to, simply just turn ON the switch when you want the call and receive call.

2) Hidden Camera :-
Capture photos in public even no one can be able to know that you are using your phone camera. These photos will be directly save on your mobile gallery.

3) Fake Sms :-
Receive messages on your own phone. Type any Number from whom you want to receive sms than simply write the message and than Tap on the button 'Send It AS Fake' after this check inbox of your phone messaging app. Message will be there!

4) Infrasound Detector :-
Now you can read very low frequency sound (Infrasound). To check that the sound reader is working just lightly clap your hands or snap your fingers.

5) Pedometer :-
Count your number of steps. Simply! when you are going for a walk, launch this pedometer app and put your phone in your pocket or wallet.

6) Mirror :-
Brightest Mirror!! Very useful even in low light.

7) Metal Detector :-
Metal detector detects Metal or Magnetic fields.

8) Measurements :-
A complete 12 inches scale that can be very useful in real time measurement.

9) Color Signal :-
Touch anywhere on the screen to change colors. You can use it as colorful lamp or you can use it as color signals.

10) Dog Whistle :-
Specially design for dogs. Train your dog to react on this whistle (Note: Its very low frequency whistle and only dog can listen it).

11) Ear Irritation :-
It can be useful to irritate your friends and others by using it on laud speaker.

12) Compass :-
Beautiful compass with header that give you numeric directional values.

13) Flashlight :-
Beautiful and Powerful Flashlight that can be minimize when press home button.

14) Police Siren :-
Useful on laud speaker in difficult situation.

15) Pistol :-
Sound to surprise friends and others.

16) Stop Watch :-
Beautiful Stopwatch with Lap, stop and reset button.

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