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Pleez - Your social wishlist

Pleez - Your social wishlist

by BRIO Digital


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  • Pleez - Your social wishlist
  • Pleez - Your social wishlist
  • Pleez - Your social wishlist

Pleez helps your dreams come true 

With Pleez you can share your wishes with friends and forget unwanted presents once and for all.

Pleez makes it easier to find the best gifts for your friends too. You can see what they’d like, so no more boring scarfs or sweaters for them either.

Forget boring scarfs 
With Pleez you can share your wishes with your friends so you’ll never get something you don’t like or need.

All your wishes in one place 
You forget where you’ve put that photo of that nice shoe or can’t find the link for the new headphones? With Pleez you can gather everything in one place so you remember them until you or someone else can buy them for you.

Find the perfect gift 
With Pleez you can play safe. You can check what your friends long for so you can give them a gift they’ll really like.

Everyone has secrets. You can have to. 
With Pleez you can select who you share your wishes with. Books with everyone, lingerie only with Him.

Love surprises? We won’t spoil them 
With Pleez you can set 3 different surprise levels for your wishes. So you’ll know only what you want about them. You can know who bought it for you, or that someone bought it for you but not who. Or you can go totally blind - and get surprised.

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