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Planet X

Planet X

by Ion Game Design


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  • Planet X
  • Planet X
  • Planet X
Planet X is a retro style 2D, side scrolling platform game where you get to place your own platforms on the fly as you play. Published on June 18 2015 on Google Play and soon also on App Store. 40 levels, all in 3 play modes, increasingly challenging, awaits you as you explore deeper and deeper into the planet. Try to beat the levels, to beat them as fast as you can or using as few platforms as possible. And challenge your friends to beat you on the high score lists. In a future, closer than you may think, you control a lone space traveler, who is lost on a small planet in our solar system, far away from the sun, beyond Pluto. Some people debate whether this is a planet or not…at the moment you don’t care, you need to find a way to get home since your spaceship has broke down. On Planet X, you have found numerous of ancient alien artifact teleport gates that lead to different places on the planet. The purpose and structure behind them is lost in eternity, but somewhere on Planet X there is supposed to be a big portal leading to the space station TERRA 42, that is orbiting earth. This is what you were sent here to find, since a strange connection to some portal here have been detected on TERRA 42. All you have to aid you in your search is your platform generator, your space suit and your feet. Good luck!

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