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PIXLEMAN Free Edition

PIXLEMAN Free Edition

by Kindermann Corp.


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  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
  • PIXLEMAN Free Edition
PIXELMAN™ is a retro-styled high score chaser, where you control the title character in his mission to rescue the citizens of Pixville from the evil Baron Von Pixel and his contraptions. The gameplay is very simple: you tap to go up, release to go down, and you can also swipe to move faster (but with less accuracy!) Your goal is to rescue the citizens (both humans and dogs!) to keep your heroic energy up, and also avoid crashing into buildings, traffic, and Von Pixel´s weapons and traps. If you manage to rescue more than 5 people/dogs in a row, you will enter combo mode, and receive extra points for each additional rescue! The citizens of Pixville are counting on you! The game features: -State-of-the-art graphics! (by 1987 standards) -Catchy music! (that you can turn off, just in case) -Incredible cape physics! -Awesome pixel explosions! -Mesmerizing animated light shows! -LASERS! -PLANES! -TANKS! -ROCKETS! -BOMBS! -DOGS! -CATS! -BEAUTIFUL ADS! (paid version has no ads) If the game runs slow on your device, or if it simply goes back to the home screen when you start a new game, go to the Options menu and turn on Slow Device Compatibility. It should now run fine on older devices, as far back as the original Galaxy S. - PIXELMAN is the perfect game for people who love: 8-bit graphics Pixels Chiptune Music Huge Pixels Retrogaming Beating Highscores Humongous Pixels Capes Super Heroes Cliché Villains 16-bit graphics Arcades Obscenely Big Pixels Videogames Flappy Things Indie Gaming Pixels Big Enough to Cover the Moon Ropes Pixelart

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