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pixels blast – jelly mosters

pixels blast – jelly mosters

by CodeF


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  • pixels blast – jelly mosters
  • pixels blast – jelly mosters
  • pixels blast – jelly mosters
  • pixels blast – jelly mosters
  • pixels blast – jelly mosters
A fun, addictive and very simple match 3 game. Come and join the paibers! Start the advance of the universe! pixels blast – jelly mosters Story: It's all about the Paibers, alien jelly mosters .Paiber ship using blast energy as fuel, they can get the fuel easily by match the energy blocks in the pixels universe. In order to find the more suitable planet to live. They are going on an unprecedented advance of the universe! Paiber king and his crews set receivers and release drones every time when they arrived a new galaxy.There are so many mysteries are waiting for them in this universe! Come and join the advance with The P aibers! How to play: Swipe blocks to match 3 of the same! Match 4 blocks to get a powerful line blast block. There are more puzzles waiting for you. Join us and start this match adventure. Key features: Easy to learn and hard to master! Fresh and beautiful style with Minimalist style! Well-designed Levels. All with unique and full of fun and amazing challenges! Free updates will bring more new puzzles, powerful props and others...

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