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Pixel Fallout RPG

Pixel Fallout RPG

by YERACORP, Y.gen Team


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  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
  • Pixel Fallout RPG
Pixel Fallout RPG is a Classic Pixel RPG with an addictive Love Story. Your Girlfriend named Elsie went missing during chaos and your search for her begins. As your hero progress, your hero will reveal the sad truth and mystery of Elsie... Her missing is linked with the Darkness Fallout by Angry Vampire clan that is planning to take over mortal world... Elsie sacrifice to save you because the Fallout... will it be another forbidden love story like Romeo and Juliet? Features: Full Paid Version is available for FREE (limited time offer) Playable offline with No Advertisements. Summon and meet more that 45 Heroes' type with more than 1350 different grade. The FIRST and MOST Unique RPG Battle System in the World. New Gameplay style in a classic RPG. Combination of shooting, kicking, summoning, puzzle and RPG elements. Every Boss is unique and requires special technique to counter (Puzzle style). Collect numerous legendary Relics and Weapons to enhance your team. Enhancement system for Heroes, Weapons and Relics at village shelter. Addictive Story-line with animation, comic and chatting. Pixel classic game style. Perfect game combination of pixels, summon, shoot and kick style. Optimize to eliminate loading time. 7 GLOBAL Leader-boards for top story completer, highest level player, top speed runner, top kick hero, top sharp shooter, top tower escape and top boss raider. Pixel Fallout RPG Modes: Shooting mode with 3 elements. Kick Hero mode where you convert spell into a soccer ball. BOSS Raid mode. Tower escape mode. Survival mode. Mini arcades and games build in for endless joy.

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