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Pixel Bounce

Pixel Bounce

by DTXGame


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Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce
Pixel Bounce

Pixel Bounce is a very addictive game, "easy to play, hard to master" style. 

★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★

Just click or tap at any screen position to move the player, 
On mobile: touch left to do a small jump and touch right to do a long jump. 
On web and desktop: left arrow to do a small jump and right arrow to do a long jump. 

With a short jump you earn one point. 
With a long jump you earn two points. 

If you jump and miss a white tile platform, and you don't have any white tile platforms below : you lose! 

Try to do as many jumps as you can, don't be touched by the big boss wall with spikes coming from the left, continuously, and don't fall by missing tiles. 


✪ Complete game with addictive gameplay 
✪ Flexible procedural level generation system 
✪ Integrated store ("Character Shop") with in-game virtual currency (diamonds) to buy life or new characters 
✪ Optimized for Mobile Devices 
✪ Simple to customize 
✪ Life to continue 
✪ "Paper style" graphics 
✪ Animated icons and menu, and animated level transitions 
✪ 2D orthographic camera system built in with a strong focus on performance. The camera follows the player smoothly and a speed based zoom to fit between the player and the hazard 
✪ Camera shake 
✪ Touch and Mouse Input using event delegates 

We have added Admob ads to earn some cents. We want to say a sweetest THANK YOU to everyone who has played this free game & gave us five star reviews!