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Pill Identifier and Drug list

Pill Identifier and Drug list

by Mobixed


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Pill Identifier and Drug list
Pill Identifier and Drug list
Pill Identifier and Drug list
Pill Identifier and Drug list
Pill Identifier and Drug list

Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition is a comprehensive drug and pill information app specially designed for patients and consumers. Be it Prescription or OTC, information about drugs and medicines is something you will always need. You can search by generic as well as branded drug names, and bookmark specific drugs to refer to them during your next visit to your doctor or pharmacy.

Pill Identifier and Drug List is an innovative app that lets you find everything you need to know about generic and branded drugs. If you are using a branded drug, you can find the generic alternative for that drug or vice versa, with this app.

Pill Identifier and Drug List provides genuine information about 60K + drugs, and you can access the details about any medicine instantly. The app has a user-friendly design, enabling you to carry out your search smoothly. You can bookmark the drugs, pull it up and use the bar code for your pharmacist to locate the medication.

App Features:

Smart Search to find Branded and Generic Drugs.

Easy intuitive navigation to locate drugs. Alphabets from A to Z are displayed. Choose an alphabet and see a list of all drug names, which begin with that alphabet. When you select any of the medicine names appearing in this drug list, in-depth details about that medicine is provided to you.

The key information offered to you in the details page of a drug are:

1. Generic Name and Brand Name of the drug
2. Overview of the drug
3. The most important information you need to know about the drug
4. Why the drug is used
5. What you should discuss with your doctor before using the drug
6. Method of usage of the drug
7. What happens in case an individual misses a dose
8. What happens in case an individual is overdosed
9. Conditions in which you should not use the drug
10. What you should do prior to using the drug
11. Possible side effects
12. Important safety information for using the drug
13. Proper storage methods for the drug
14. Sources of getting more information about the drug
15. Drug Manufacturer, Distributer.

This pill identifier app also provides you the barcode of a drug, which you can find in the details page of that drug. When you visit a medical store to get a specific medicine, you can simply show the medicine's barcode at the store. The barcode provides the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the drug to the store staff, which lets them give you the particular medicine.

In the drug details page, you can find the phone number of the drug manufacturer along with the ‘Click to Call’ facility. If you have any queries related to the drug, you can directly call the manufacturer by tapping on that number.

Want to save the details of a medicine, so that you can access it later easily? Simply tap the Add button on the details page of the medicine. This will save the drug details in the My Meds section of the app, from where you can easily view the information whenever you want.

If you face any problems when using the app, please visit http://pillidentifier.mobixed.com/.

Searching for medicines and getting all the necessary details is now a matter of seconds with the Pill Identifier and Drug List app. It brings valuable information about a huge number of drugs at your fingertips.

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The information provided by Pill Identifier and Drug List is for educational purposes only. It should not be treated as prescription or medical advice. One should always consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare professional before using any drugs or medications listed in this app. The information in this app is only aimed at helping people get information about different drugs and medicines. This app displays FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved drugs. Pill Identifier and Drug List does not endorse any medications or drugs listed in the app.