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Pile Up the Block Tower

Pile Up the Block Tower

by NotskiGames


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  • Pile Up the Block Tower
  • Pile Up the Block Tower
  • Pile Up the Block Tower
  • Pile Up the Block Tower
  • Pile Up the Block Tower
Reach for new heights and build the highest block tower! Carefully pile up blocks to build as high tower as you possibly can! Compete against other player's towers on live online leaderboard! You can place new blocks freely on top of your tower to make it higher, but as the tower grows in height it tends to get more and more unstable! As that might sound a way too easy task, we want to put your engineering and building skills to the ultimate test. So every now and then a circle-shaped piece appears that you must also put into your tower! That's easier said than done, you must prepare good spots to put the circles in when piling up the blocks. Rotate and move the blocks to position them precisely. Try to connect the matching color blocks to gain combos and bonuses! Collect coins to buy fixed blocks to support your tower. Features: * real 2D physics based puzzle * many different shaped & colored blocks * combine same colors to gain bonuses * collect coins to get fixed blocks * compete on live online leaderboard * The highest tower will be the winner

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