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Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

by PyramidaGames


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Pikablocks: Pikachu block game
Pikablocks: Pikachu block game
Pikablocks: Pikachu block game
Pikablocks: Pikachu block game

Pikablocks is an exclusive puzzle game block design with poké characters like pika chu ...
Pikachu block game poké Edition contains best puzzle tiles with exciting four game modes, where you need to break and clear the playing field, get score and take gifts to add yourself twists! The game itself is very simple you have to drag the figures on the playing field, and to fill in the line horizontally or vertically to clear the field and earn points effect of pikachu. You can play pikablocks for FREE collect diamonds when you open the gifts and buy new characters in themes.

- new graphical interface ( coloring block tiles are changing in themes window on Poké character ).
- New interface pikablocks and new game modes , makes game are diverse.
- in the online mode , the application'll choose a rating and best score for share.Tiles color for you, (chose the color of your favorite poke ).
then the rule is not correct in this version of block tuiles with jewels.
- you can share your progress with friends
** How to Play ?
- Tacke the pika chu tiles and put on play field! Hurry now! Enjoy block classical and more pikachu game modes.
- fill in the line to clear the field from any poké blocks.
- open the gifts and collect diamonds , you can remove ads, buy pokemo themes and rotations !

who is the fastest? you or your friends?
play online pikatchu block puzzle move pika edition and share with us your score.