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by Mayr Technologies


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  • PiJump
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  • PiJump

The game basics are easy: With every touch the ball jumps higher. The target is, to reach the greatest high. But to reach your goal you have to conquer the bars, blocking the balls way up. You have to find the right moment to jump ! Timing is everything. But be warned : don't wait too long until you jump, because otherwise the gravity will win ....!

The game is designed in beautiful Material Design. You can deactivate the included ads against payment of 0,50 Euros.

This game started with a quite simple idea: A single pixel, jumping higher with every touch. The higher you get, the better it is. It’s your task to jump and overcome the bars, blocking your way upwards. To keep the excitement alive and forcing your sensitiveness we motorized the bars, so they’re moving left and right. So there is just one perfect moment to conquer the bars and aim higher. But waiting too long can be punished by gravity, which is always antagonizing the pixel.

The basic concept is still kept, what is also reflected in the name: Pi(xel)Jump.
Just the design changed during the development. The pixel became a ball and the scenery converted into a lovely montainous landscape in beautiful Material Design. The design changed and it became a ball, but the idea of an obstacle that jumps heigher, was kept.

Whenever you have time, take the ball to breathtaking heights in a everlasting fight against gravity and jump as high you can. Make him believe to be able to fly, take him to the sky until reality overtakes and gravity drags the ball down to the ground.

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