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Pexeso Memory Game

Pexeso Memory Game

by Dreamio Lab


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  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game
  • Pexeso Memory Game

Pexeso memory game is a simple game that helps train memory and concentration. The game is also very popular among children. Ideal for shared moments with family or friends. When playing you can enjoy lot of fun and you will be develop your skills. The game is designed for tablets and mobile phones. So you can play anytime you want.


  • The game offers 6 levels of difficulty based on the number of cards
  • You can choose between two game modes
  • You can play alone or in up to four players
  • You can play against AI
  • Pleasant original hand-drawn graphics
  • The game includes several sets of cards
  • Charming music and sounds


How to play:
At the beginning of the game cards are facing pictures down. By clicking on one card, the card turns over showing its picture. Player is trying to memorize the card and find the second card with the same picture. If the both cards are the with the same pictures, player gains points and the two cards are removed from the game. If the pictures on the cards aren’t the same, the cards are turned and player guesses again.  In multiplayer mode if a player fails to find two same cards, its other player‘s turn.

The goal is to reveal all card pairs as soon as possible.

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