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Pets & Candy

Pets & Candy

by Triode Projects


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Pets & Candy
Pets & Candy
Pets & Candy

Play PETS & CANDY and you will have a lot of fun feeding your pets…It's fun, original and completely free!

Adopt these cute animals as your pets. Feed them well with these sweets. Don't worry, they are healthy candy. However, you should take some care. These pets are a little demanding. They don’t want whichever candy.

Each of these lovely animals has their own taste and they can change their preferences at any time. You should be careful to feed them with the candy they like, so your adorable animals will be always happy.

The gameplay is simple:
• Candies will fall one by one from the top. There are several sticks hindering the fall of the candies.
• To direct the candies toward the LEFT side TAP ANYWHERE on the LEFT SIDE of the screen.
• To direct the candies toward the RIGHT side TAP ANYWHERE on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen.
• Under each pet there is an icon which will show you the kind of candy they like to eat.
• The goal is to feed all your pets correctly. To do this, try to drop each candy over the pet which likes these candy.
• Caution! Never give to your pets a kind of sweets which they don’t like.

★ Simple one touch controls
★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
★ “Google Play Games” leaderboard & achievements to compete with your friends and players around the world!
★ Optimized for low memory usage
★ Design for both phone and tablets
★ Simple and clean interface
★ Totally free

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© PETS & CANDY (2016) by Triode Projects