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Paranormal Live Ghost Box

Paranormal Live Ghost Box

by Mark Coultous


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Paranormal Live Ghost Box

This app requires wifi or mobile internet.

Experience your own ghost box without having to pay big money to own one.

All you need is the internet and you have a live tuning ghost box in your hands.

A Ghost Box is a radio that has been altered to constantly tune without stopping.
How it works nobody knows, however it's been known for entities/spirits/dead to communicate and speak through the ghost box.

Ghost Box = Voice

In order to understand the ghost box you need to sit and listen to the jumbled up stations that come through.

After a while you will notice that some voices seem to be talking to each other as the stations tune.

Also at times you may hear references to what your doing or things around you.
You can ask questions or even ask for relatives to try speak using the ghost box and at times people will try communicate with you.

Bear in mind what ever it is that communicates will not always respond and you can't expect miracles.

Tips to help get better communication

I would strongly suggest you find somewhere quiet, relax and clear your thoughts.
Use a camcorder if possible to record your session and surroundings. ( Post to Youtube anything good ;) )

Ask for spritual help from a guide if you have one or just ask Archangel Michael to help and protect you

Speak out before you turn it on and explain your motives for the session and that you wish for them to use the ghost box sounds to communicate.

Use crystals or perhaps personal items of the person you wish to communicate with.

How this app works

The app connects to an FM radio ghost box in the United Kingdom which is tuning FM radio signals 24 hours a day.

The ghost box audio is connected to a pc and its audio is streamed to a server which relays the audio to the apps users.

The use of streaming technology means we can all use a ghost box without having to make an expensive purchase using this app.

Help and Support

Facebook Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/500745470074276
App Author Mark Coultous https://www.facebook.com/mcoultous
Markcparanormal Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/markcparanormal