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Paradise Island Summer Fun Run

Paradise Island Summer Fun Run

by Tiny Lab Productions


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  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run
  • Paradise Island Summer Fun Run

Immerse yourself into the hot and sunny beach and have the most exciting summer fun holiday race! Visit paradise island holiday resort, join your new kids friends playing on the beach: Liu, Darrell, Oliver, Mia, Emma and Charlotte and race with 4 cute summer time racing cars: Ice-cream bus, Doll car, Mrs ship, Greenatic!

Have fun in racing in a sunny beach near the ocean: jump over the sand castles and ice cream towers, hit the colorful beach play balls or yummy watermelons, swim in a hot and blue sea water, dive into the ocean depths and do amazing flips and stunts while driving on a beautiful paradise island seaside.

Have fun playing 12 super cool summer time holiday racing games for kids and toddlers. Plus win extra coins and new racing cars! The more you play the more coins and cars you get! Win them all!

Race in a hot and sunny seaside resort!
-Drive with 4 holiday cars: Ice-cream bus, Doll car, Mrs ship, Greenatic or race together with other kids: Liu, Darrell, Oliver, Mia, Emma and Charlotte!
-Win coins and unlock more than 90 racing cars! 
-Have your best summer time holiday at your fingertips!
-Have fun in a fast driving through the sunny beach, perform extreme stunts and flips in a seaside resort and do high jumps over the blue ocean!
-Enjoy easy and intuitive game control with just one finger! 
-Hours of free fun - complete 12 racing levels in two worlds!
-Enjoy colorful game graphics, realistic sounds and playful music.
-Have fun in surprising gameplay, challenging tasks, achievements and rewards!
-Best for kids and toddlers!

Join paradise island holiday resort and play the best summer time holiday racing game for kids and toddlers! So hop on your ride and have lots of fun with your favorite racing cars game!

Educational value:
Even though the game is easy enough to be played by toddlers, it is also fun to play for everyone! This game is special for its easy, simple and kid-friendly control - with just one finger. Moreover, this game has a great educational value! Game helps to learn new skills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creativity and flexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memory skills, self-control and hand-eye coordination. Game will calm down your child and let your both to enjoy the best summer time!

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