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Paint That Flag

Paint That Flag

by cristoforos paidas


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  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag
  • Paint That Flag

Are you a … FLAG MASTER ? Do you think you can paint them all ?

     Paint that flag is a different, beautiful and highly educational flag quiz game. You are given the name of the country and you have to put the right colors on its flag !

     The ultimate aim of the game is to paint all 238 available flags so as to complete the Library and create a great "Flag Album" which you can access at any time and find all the interesting related information, quickly and easily, via the basic information section and the provided Wikipedia link.

     You can play with flags from all over the world, or select a specific continent and concentrate on that.

     You can also try the 20 Flags Challenge mode, in which you have to find the 20 random flags in 3 minutes !!!




-      Library 

  Every flag that is painted at least once is stored in the Library where you can access it whenever you like.


-      Wiki Link & Basic Info

  There is a Wikipedia Link and a Basic Information section for every flag you paint correctly.


-      Hints  & Solutions

  Use the available Hints and Solutions to help you find difficult flags.


-      Bonus System

  Find flags and earn coins !!!


-      Shop

  Use the earned coins to buy Hints and Solutions from the Shop available.


-      Achievements

  Complete the 14 challenging achievements.


-      Version Pro

  Get infinite Hints and Solutions and remove Ads by buying the Version Pro.

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