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Opensoul - voice network

Opensoul - voice network

by Opensoul


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Opensoul - voice network
Opensoul - voice network
Opensoul - voice network
Opensoul - voice network

It's time to express your thoughts through voice messages. After all, hearing someone’s intonation is the only way to appreciate their sincerity. Voices sink into the soul. You believe and enjoy them.

We took into account all the shortcomings of modern social networks and corrected them; we will show you a new approach aimed at sincerity. That is why the application is called Opensoul – Open your soul.

No more evaluations from other people, you are free from the opinions of others.No likes and comments. We are not chasing popularity here and are not trying to seem better than others. There are no profiles here, we have removed everything that is unnecessary, leaving only the most important thing – your voice and your soul.

Now a few words about how to use the application

The application consists of two screens, one is for recording voice messages, the second is for listening.

Before you leave a recording – choose a topic, question or #. – What you found attractive, and the fact that you have something to tell. Each message should not exceed 60 seconds. After sending the message, you are given the opportunity to listen and confirm or overwrite.

Saved messages are available on the playback screen. Listen to everything – starting with the last record added or choose a specific topic that interests you.

Join us and become a part of a sincere group of people, then share your experiences with the hope of making the world a better place.


Sincerity-oriented voice network.