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Onet new Fruits

Onet new Fruits

by Share3dvn


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  • Onet new Fruits
  • Onet new Fruits
  • Onet new Fruits
  • Onet new Fruits
  • Onet new Fruits
  • Onet new Fruits
Onet new Fruits is a New innovative Onet Classic connect-2 puzzle free games! This fruit game is simple yet addicting pair solving puzzle game or matching game with a fresh gameplay(fruits memory game/fruit lines). For those who have often played games Onet on PC, now you can play onet games on your Android device. Onet has been present in the Play Store for fans. - How to play Onet new Fruit: * You need connect matching cards and clear the level before time runs out. * You just need to get rid of the whole picture that is by matching it to one another by a certain time limit. However, you can only match the image if there are no obstacles between the two fruit images. * The main objective of this puzzle play fruits game is find fruits and to remove all cards by connect two matching cards that connected with up to 3 straight lines. If you like connect / matching game, then your will love to play new Onet Fruits. - Conect Features: * There are 2 modes: Normal and Hard. * Classic game play fun fruits. * Smooth graphics and funny. * Clean UI. * Fruit fun * Nice graphic and cool characters. * Support many screens, low resolution HD * Colorful and vivid graphics! * FREE: now and forever! Onet new Fruit have been made a new way, new features of this Onet Game so that it's very interesting and funny as fruit match. If you have spent many hours to play Onet Animal Games or matching fruits games, You will not want to miss this new One Fruits Game and love puzzle fruit. Download Free game now and enjoy!

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