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One Slice

One Slice

by XlipStudio


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  • One Slice
REFLEX... Incredible timing and reflexive game. You have limited time to cut balls.Wait and try cutting them all from center. But remember balls is being small timely. Cut, cut, slice, slice... How long can you resist? AN ADDICTIVE GAME It looks like too easy. Just touch the screen when the balls comes side by side. Everyone can play it. But some are better then others. Are you one of them ? Show us ! It is the one of best toilet games. When you bored you will hug this game. TIMING... Don't hurry too much much, and don't wait too long. Maybe you have awesome reflex but remember; earning stars and making a good score is about choosing best moment of balls. Slice balls absolute center and get more stars and score. CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME. I am earning stars but what can i do with them ? You bored about the graphics? You can buy a different background or ball with earned star. Totally free. Just play and earn star.It is too easy. Set the game graphics as you want. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS How long can u resist? Play with your friends and show how you play. And challenge them to beat your score. HOW TO PLAY You need to just touch and cut two balls when they comes side by side. Choose best moment, Don't miss :) GAME FEATURES *Easy playing (just touch) *Good graphics *Customizing game COMING UPDATES *Better Graphics *World Ranking (Best Scores) *Time slowing -On store *Share your score -Game Over Screen

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