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One Shoot

One Shoot

by Appark


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One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot
One Shoot

This application loves your precious phone's capacity.
You can enjoy the best brick breaking game only with 6MB
because we drew only with programming, not using resource images.

This game is similar to bbtan and swipe brick breaker

With the turn-based alkano game method, you can feel the pleasure from the collision of bricks and balls.

Try to calculate the exact angle of collision with the circle.
And once you launch, measure your billiards skills.

Take advantage of the in-game save function and save it to the milestone,
Take advantage of the Share feature to show off your score to your friends.

When you come to a free time, such as a commute, work, bus, subway, toilet, bank,
Enjoy one shot (One Shoot)!

We will give you the best time for killing time.

[How to play]
1, Adjust the left and right angle by touch drag to fire the ball.
2, When the ball collides with a ball (square, circle), the physical strength is reduced by 1, and when the physical strength is 0, the brick is destroyed.
3, the white ball comes out with a brick, and at the same time the white ball also acts as a ball.
4, Once all bricks have fallen to the ground after launching, the bricks will go down one space, and the bricks will be created with one increase in physical strength and will be located at the top.
5, When the brick reaches the ball's launch position, the game fails.
6, Your score will be shared with other users in the Google Play service.

Enjoy a brick breaking game with only one shoot!