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Office ToGo

Office ToGo

by Nexscience LLC


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“Office ToGo by Nexscience LLC is the business app that will organize your business life for you in a hurry and in a cinch. Simply put, this is just the very best document-editing as well as management suite for your iPhone and iPad.” It is a very useful iPad application for business and presentation. It has a great versatility. It is a combination of various useful applications such as PDF maker, spreadsheet, file manager, Microsoft office viewer, document editor and a document scanner. "Main features" Some of the main features of this application are; • Being able to edit documents while offline • Can transfer files via USB • Can create voice memos • Direct view of your text, iwork, PDF, RTF and PowerPoint • Sends you email with documents as an attachment • Transfers different files to your computer wirelessly • Drawing and sketch making facility • Creation and editing of different text documents • Can convert scanned documents into PDF files • Can make written notes • Can create documents or download them from where ever you want "Voice Recorder" With this application you can record, play and share voice memos as well as you can transfer them to your computer. "Folders" You can easily create, rename, delete and manage different folders by dragging the files and dropping them in the required region. "Spread sheets" The spread sheets which support Microsoft Excel can be easily created as well as edited with this application. You can use different fonts, colors and sizes for your documents and you have the cut, copy and paste option too. "Document Editor" You can easily create and edit text documents by taking benefit of different font styles and sizes. You can also use different standard formats such as italic, bold, underline etc. other features include change in background and text colors, adding pictures from picture library, taking photos using camera and including them in the document directly, automatic insertion of numbers and bullets, copy paste and undo options. "PDF" Using this application you can easily draw sketches as well as you can insert written notes, highlights and comments to PDF files. It lets you send your PDF files through email directly from your device. File conversion from Microsoft word, Excel, powerpoint, text and iwork documents to PDF is very easy by using this application. "DOCUMENT SCANNER" You can convert scanned documents and images to PDF with ease. It also lets you crop images and documents as well as adjust their sizes. Also it lets you share documents via email, Google drive, WhatsApp, Dropbox and Microsoft sky drive. This highly useful business application for ipad gives you an easy approach towards many difficult tasks. So it is recommended to get use of it. What's New in Version 2.3 * Send Fax directly from your iPhone or iPad * PDF Sign & Send, Fill out PDF Forms * Drawings and Hand-written notes * Record and Save Voice Memos along with your documents * Improved user interface and document management features

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