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Number Chef

Number Chef

by Selfhug Studios


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  • Number Chef
  • Number Chef
Finland based Selfhug Studios has announced the recent update for Number Chef, a free and unique puzzle game for iOS & Android devices. Number Chef is all about brain puzzle action so players has to think a lot. Game is developed with a brand new gameplay mechanic, one that rewards skill and careful thinking. Game features 150 painstakingly hand-crafted and extremely challenging levels that strengthen your brain activity and offers endless space for having fun. Once you open the game you can select game episode. Actually you can start with the first one A Mountain to Climb to unlock the rest of the episodes. Game rules are very ease: just make chief orders by adding odd numbers and by subtracting even ones. For newbies game offers quite detailed game descriptions and rules explanations. Levels seems to be easy but its just from the first glance. Easy said than done as the further you go the harder it gets. Once you fail the level you can replay it as well as try as many times as you need. Players can also get access to undo button, unlock all episodes via in app purchase. Furthermore, Number Chef features eloquently simple game design, intuitive controls and very cool sounds. With simple and responsive gameplay this brain puzzle is a clear improvement on an already enjoyable game and it is not just a great puzzle for your brain, it’s a well-rounded and well polished brainteaser experience as a whole. Everyone loves a great puzzles, so more than enough thrills to keep everyone from casual gamers to number puzzle enthusiasts for hours on end, Number Chef is a one mobile treat you can’t pass up!

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