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by Andreas Finstad


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nRadio is a radio player for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which let's you listen to radio-stations over the Internet. 

Listen to radio on your own personalized radio app. Choose your background and color of the text elements. Listen to your local radio stations or explore channels from other countries. Save them in your favorite list, share the radio gems you've found with your friends.

While listening to radio on the move, use the app's built-in speedometer. When not, use the alarm clock with nightstand mode and gently wake up to your favorite radio-station in the morning.

If you love radio, I think you will love nRadio

In addition to US-channels, it also has:
Canadian, German, UK channels. Some Irish, Australian, New Zealand channels, Finnish, Icelandic, Faroe Islands, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Russian, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Japan, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia,Bosnia-Herzegovina and a list with random radios from around the world. 

Start your most used radios directly from the home-screen, via 3D-Touch. Browse radios from 49 countries with over 20.000 radio stations. You can also add other radios manually if you know the address. 

Features that makes nRadio stand out from the crowd

  • Simple but nice user interface
  • Universal - iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • The ease of customizing the interface and "make it yours".  
  • The easy searchable radio lists and easy adding radios to favorites
  • 3D-Touch to play your favorite radio
  • Alarm clock that works even if your app is in the background!
  • Adjustable snooze time from 1 - 99 minutes
  • Optional decreasing snooze. One minute shorter snooze-time every time you press the snooze-button
  • Warns you when switching from wireless to cellular network to prevent additional unforeseen charges, but gives you the option to continue and be warned again in an hour, or never be warned again.
  • Optional Speedometer with altimeter and temp. Choose between mph/kmh/knot, m/ft, Farenheit/Celcius
  • Ability to add radios manually
  • No ads

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