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Notification ringtones

Notification ringtones

by apps talavera


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Notification ringtones
Notification ringtones, customize your notification tones with funny sounds, ringtones best to put as notification tone to your applications as whatsapp, facebook, email ... You can assign a melody to notify each contact or use as ringtones. If you tire of the melodies and sounds always surprise your friends with these special ringtones for notifications, we've included a variety of short tones for you. - Use sound as a ringtone for your phone call - Linking a ringtone to a contact in particular to hear when somebody call - Use any notification sounds for applications such as WhatsApp and make notification tone - Set your alarm with the audio you like. - Choose the ringtones and share by email, WhatsApp, Facebook or your favorite application. We offer a variety of free notifications sounds to personalize your phone plus a large selection of free tunes.