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Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D

Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D

by Cantt Games


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  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D
  • Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D

Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D is a classic cutting fruit game, can be good exercise the brain's ability. it is cut off the main content on the screen constantly out of various fruits, requiring players to action faster, the game screen do very delicate, cut different fruits, will be open to see different colors of bright flesh, you can see the stone, flesh texture. Various colors of fruit juice splashes into the air, or splash into the wall, bringing exciting perspectives for the players to experience. What are you waiting for? Play it now

New game is Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D, it is one of the most popular fast-paced fun free game! Welcome to cut the sweet and delicious fruits. Match and pop the fruits to make the juicy fruits splash! it is different from other fruit cut game, there are two modes in this game, each mode is astonished. Amazing for 5 minutes play in the train or anywhere (Cut the fruits and items with swipes like a true ninja) we plan to add more extra fruits and special items, like MEGA Fruit, chests, ect.in the future.

The Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D game is an excellent way to while away for an hour while playing it on your phone or tablet. It requires you to slice fruits using super swords and powerful magic while keeping an eye out for bombs. Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D is a very addictive match-two game!
One tap on two or more adjacent same fruits will burst them, more fruits burst at same time more high scores, create new high score is game winner! You have strong passion with Fruit cutting? You have ever wanted to cut as many or fast as fruit you can? Come to us and we will show you a beautiful world of Fruit. You will have a wonderful experience with this game.

Cut of all the fruits without touching the chopper and dropping them out of the screen, Make you’re the best score and tell your friends to make better score than you. Lots of good sounds are waiting for you also it has really good finger swipe effect. It’s completely free and it will be. Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D is a fast-paced juicy arcade game! Throw the knives to slicing the fruits! Just one slice to burst the specified fruits with limited time or blades! Create higher score to challenge with your friends! Enjoy this social crazy fruit game! Choose your swords and get a real fruit carnage going, all in 3D! Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D game is absolutely FREE! Enjoy!

Features of Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D:

• Fruit selection to cut and smash (apple, orange, watermelon and 7 others )
• Amazing cut sounds
• High score
• Orange juice splashing everywhere 
• Combos with multiple fruits to max your score

How to Play Ninja Fruit Slicer 2D:

• Tap and hold the screen to cut the fruit.
• Cut the bomb fruit will lose a life.
• Cut the time fruit will add time.

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