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Nightmares! 3D

Nightmares! 3D

by Sector 1 Games


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  • Nightmares! 3D
  • Nightmares! 3D
  • Nightmares! 3D
  • Nightmares! 3D
  • Nightmares! 3D

Nightmares! 3D is a (FREE) beautiful dual-stick 3D survival shooter based in a little boy's Nightmares!

-COMING SOON (Feb 2016)-
- Bluetooth controller support (samsung, Moba, Xbox etc)
- Health pickups
- More weapons!

Try to stay alive as you battle swarms of nasty, angry monsters while avoiding environmental obstacles and collecting grenades for maximum destruction! This game is infinite and scales with the player as they improve, creating a compelling and highly addictive game-play!

Mini-Missions in most levels crank up the excitement with new weapons and aggressive game-play! Remember, your mini mission score will only save and post to the leaderboards IF you exit the mini-mission before you die! Mini-Missions can be found by following the red arrow on the in-game map! (no mini mission for level 1)

Google Play Leaderboards are incorporated in each level AND mini-mission so you can compete against friends and strangers from around the world!

Game Highlights:
-NEW- Rewarded weapon upgrades like double fire rate and extra grenades--No ads unless you want rewards!--

-NEW- Level 5 added!

-NEW- Mini mission: King of the hill added to level 2

-NEW- Mini mission: Slaughter added to level 3

-Chain gun added to Mini mission: Slaughter!

-Machine gun with infinite ammo

-Grenade launcher with collectible ammo

-Multi-Kill bonuses to drive up top scores

-Steam vents for a quick escape

-Evolving enemies

-Physics based

-Real time 3D graphics

-The better you get, the more intense the nightmare becomes!

-Simple controls makes this game easy for anyone to play, but hard to master! Can you survive?

--This version of Nightmares! 3D is UNLIMITED and 100% free, we have NO IN-APP PURCHASES

-Recommend playing with at least 2ghz quad core device for best results (All development was performed on a Samsung Note 2 and Note 4)

-To increase game performance and frame rates, start game and press the pause button, then press "Toggle FX"

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--Check out our review from Droidgamers.com:

Happy Gaming from Sector 1 Games!

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