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New Born Baby - Child Care

New Born Baby - Child Care

by AppsBazaar Gurgaon


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  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care
  • New Born Baby - Child Care

My baby / child is my WORLD.
Beautifully designed Baby Care / New Born Child application will help you in various ways to keep the record of your baby / child growth in various stages of its development and also guide you about various health care taking part.

You can make various personalize on this app

Baby Care App includes:

~ Save Unforgettable memories of your sweet baby
~ Care & entertainment of baby
~ A personalized daily calendar 
~ Reminder/ Alerts you can update to fit your need
~ Photo and video album for memories of your baby growth and special moments
~ Cradle songs & lullaby for your baby to sleep and fun
~ Feature to download your desired album ( Songs , Pics & videos ) & Enjoy
~ Learn & Teach (both functions)

You can add reminders to remember the take care of your baby / child when busy along with the personalized daily calendar,helpful checklist and even you can build a photo album of its various growth stages.

New Born BABY - Child Care application will help you to simplify daily life and be the best parent possible through each stage of your little one development.

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