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Nature Clock & Weather Widget

Nature Clock & Weather Widget

by Eonetek


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Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget
Nature Clock & Weather Widget

We present the newestNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ to all of you adventurers out there who love spending time outdoors. Don’t you love it when you go to the countryside, or when you hike up the mountain and then you get to the top and see magnificent panorama? You can find a picture like that in popularNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ and you can set it as the theme for your widget. You will be thrilled when you see it on your home screen and you will definitely stand out from the rest with it. People have usually got used on seeing those ordinary widgets with no pictures, just objects that signify weather conditions, but our cool app offers something different! Now you can have the best device that everyone will envy and you can change the theme every week, or day if you like. If you love what you have heard so far, wait no more and download freeNature Clock & Weather Widgetapp on your smartphone or tablet as soon as possible.


Check out different widget skins and select the one you like the most. Perhaps that’s going to be the one with magnificent green field in the beautiful spring day? The sun is illuminating the grass and you can see its reflection in the crystal clear lake. If you look further, you will notice tall mountains still covered with snow and only few clouds in the beautiful blue sky. You will get the desire to visit that wonderful scenery once you see it and your widget will look marvelous with it. The latestNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ is everything you need in order to find out reliable information about weather and you will definitely enjoy using it.


You can choose between small and large widgets and you can set different backgrounds for each of them. There is also an option to change the color and font of the letters, so check that out and create a unique widget that no one has ever seen. If you are the type of person who wants to know what’s the weather going to be like in the future, then you will certainly love the forecast for the next 5 days. You will be able to see if it’s going to rain or not and if the temperature is going to rise or decrease. The coolestNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ also offers the information about the time of sunrise and sunset, so if you are traveling somewhere with the bike and you want to know when it’s going to get dark, then you could use that info.


Follow these steps and have the best experience:

■  Set your location

■  Select the size of the widget

■  Choose the theme that you want to use for the certain size

■  Change the color and style of the font

■  Tap on your home screen and add the widget


The newestNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ can be used by people from all over the world, since it supports locations for various cities. Also, you can go to the settings page and set if you would like to use Celsius or Fahrenheit as a temperature unit. Besides showing the weather, this top app also shows the date and time, so it’s everything you need for your home screen. Enjoy the beauty of wonderful landscapes and use the best one for your widget background. It is made so a smaller part of the image is in the focus and you can see full picture in the back, shaded a little bit. It is certain that you will love this popular app and that you will enjoy using it, so wait no more and download the latestNature Clock & Weather Widget♥ as soon possible, completely free of charge!