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myVoice – Voice commands

myVoice – Voice commands

by Oded Niv


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myVoice – Voice commands
myVoice – Voice commands
myVoice – Voice commands
myVoice – Voice commands
Take control of your phone's voice-command applications! Are you sick of your phone calling your ex when all you want to do is call your buddy, Rex? With myVoice you can regain control over your phone's voice commands! myVoice is a completely free (and ad-free) application which allows you to communicate with your phone the way you want. This means cross-language, cross-accent and cross-expression voice commands. NOTE: This app requires a working internet connection. Check out a video guide here: http://www.myvoice.net.in/help/app.mp4 For an up to date list of possibilities visit: http://www.myvoice.net.in App features include: • Example command patterns for all available actions, in your own language. • All Google-supported languages, quickly switch between your favourites with a swipe. • Add your own command patterns to existing actions. • Home & lock screen widgets, can be used to launch any voice commands app (ex. Google Now). • Option to create a floating bubble on your screen, can also be used to launch any voice commands app. • Option to start a voice command with a two step shake gesture, can also launch any app. • Option to pin to notification drawer, can also launch any app. • Option to speak upcoming actions out loud, and the ability to modify them with your voice. • Prioritize actions according to previous usage (statistics kept locally). On the website, you can: • add new command patterns to existing actions (for everyone); • revise existing actions to do what YOU want them to do (for developers); • or create new voice actions and command patterns that no one had ever thought of (for expert developers). Why does myVoice require so many permissions? The core application only uses a few permissions, like "Internet" and "record audio". However, to allow for maximum flexibility of user generated actions, I've included a broader set of permissions. For example, to start an application that sets the alarm, the "set alarm" permission is required, and to start the camera application, "take pictures and videos" is required. The available actions are moderated, so you won't get any unexpected viruses through this interfaces. With that being said, if you have a reason to believe a certain permission is unnecessary, feel free to shoot me an email. Contrarily, if an action you created is missing a permission, also email me (even faster). Why is myVoice's content rating "Low maturity"? Due to the above, Play Store does not allow for content rating of "Everyone". Most likely due to the "location" permissions.