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My Budget – Income Expense Manager

My Budget – Income Expense Manager

by iGeniusDev


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  • My Budget – Income Expense Manager
  • My Budget – Income Expense Manager
  • My Budget – Income Expense Manager
  • My Budget – Income Expense Manager

My Budge App helps you to keep track of your expenditures and earnings and manage your money more effectively.

My Budget is a simple, user-friendly budget manager. With My Budget you can have a quick overview of your expenses and income, anytime, anywhere. Keep a record of your financial status and improve your savings plans by identifying on what you spend the most money on monthly basis.


1. Simple and beautiful user interface

• Adding a new transaction is fast and intuitively
• Track Faster Your Income and Net Balance On your Dash Board.

2. Income and Expense List

• Browsing through Income and expense  you will be able to find each posted transaction.
• you can add new source of Income and Expenses in Settings screen.

3. Bills Tracking

• Bills management is also easy and comfortable. You are able to set up bills you will need to pay for the exact date

4. Chart for Data analyzing

• Graphic statistic chart present ratio of expense and helps you to Analyze your monthly incomes and expenses to set up budgets you need

5.  Export Income Expense Sheet 
•  My Budget having Best Feature user can export Income Expense sheet as PDF or XLS to Email.

6. Password protection

• Patten Lock to set any Pattern and Protect your sensitive data with a password.
• PIN number to protect your personal data.

.....What are you waiting for? Download this app NOW!.....

******* Please Send us your Feedback to igeniusdev@gmail.com to improve app functionality *****

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