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My Aviary

My Aviary

by Claude Newman


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My Aviary
My Aviary
My Aviary
My Aviary
My Aviary

Take a break from your busy day to grow and explore beautiful island bird sanctuaries in this calming idle clicker game. My Aviary is a relaxing escape to a peaceful land. With simple controls My Aviary lets you relieve stress as you watch your sanctuary grow. When you want to take a break the game will continue while you are away. Grow, explore, share, and relax - Download My Aviary.

How to play My Aviary:

Tap To Grow
- Tap the screen to gain vitality.
- Use vitality to help your tree grow and expand.
- Fill the scene with plant life.
- Invite birds to fly and live in your sanctuary.

Explore and Expand
- Unlock three beautiful island sanctuaries.
- Watch as the unique tree at each scene's center grows and thrives.
- Discover over 70 species of birds.

Relax and Enjoy
- Listen to gentle music and calming bird sounds as your sanctuaries expand.
- Take in the beautiful visuals from all angles with multiple camera controls.
- Unleash life-giving rainfalls to help spread new life.
- Share screenshots of your creations with friends.